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This isn't my main any more. Actually, it hasn't been since a few weeks ago, but I thought I'd say it anyways.

How to make a solar-powered microwave from household materials

2009-06-30 13:58:28 by WhoknowsmeaUdiO

Je suis en retard.

The world's slowly coming to and end...

2009-06-24 15:16:48 by WhoknowsmeaUdiO

From now on, humanity is on a downwards slope.
Are you a good rev-rater? Then post what those ratings should say and win a dollar! :) (You'll actually get it)

The world's slowly coming to and end...

The shipping cost for NG store items is too high. :(

Shipping Too Expensive :(

Started working on my site again

2009-05-07 11:52:29 by WhoknowsmeaUdiO

Hey guys, I'm from now on keeping my website up-to-date. It's filled with tutorials, Flash games, movies and there's a forum and a guestbook. Well... It will be.

Currently there are:
A homepage
A guestbook
1 crappy Flash movie
The Forums
And a tutorial.

It looks really nice, go check it out!

Flashtoo, my website!

EDIT: Wow, thanks for all the views! Keep clicking that link ;)

Started working on my site again

I feel guilty...

2008-12-10 14:44:09 by WhoknowsmeaUdiO

In the general forums someone posted that someone had hit her car without leaving a note.
So I posted a thread saying "I hit someone's car!".
I got banned for that and I understand. And now I feel guilty.....
My first real day back at NG didn't go as planned...

Sally. Forgive me please!
Here's a crappy Apology-message.

Current projects

2008-08-10 12:24:43 by WhoknowsmeaUdiO

I am working on a few projects right now, and wanted to tell you about them.

First of all,

Mage RPG
(co-author Andy70707)
A game packed with adventure, action, and excitement.-------
Play as a simple farmer, who learns the arts of magic, and start a lonely journey to kill the evil king.
Level up, fight, upgrade, buy weapons and when you completed the game there will be an extra feature, more information on my website, Flashtoo soon.

I am also helping someone out
With his game. He has like 8000 frames, and i am not lieing. I'm helping him make 8000 to 80 frames.
And compress audio for him, and do another load of stuff.
Are you just like that guy? Need help? PM me, i'll never refuse to help!

The Ultimate Mouse-Avoider
You know them.
They creep the average NGer out, all the same, and all annoying, and most of all CHEATABLE.
My version will contain action, joy, challenging puzzles, and fun for the whole family!

I think this was my longest post EVER.


2008-03-21 09:21:13 by WhoknowsmeaUdiO

I drew a car!
(the quality sucks becausee it is made in Flash and exported as .jpg)



2008-02-19 07:46:21 by WhoknowsmeaUdiO

Helping some guy with his RPG, actually i should be busy with my own RPG, but yeah ;)


2008-02-03 14:33:37 by WhoknowsmeaUdiO

I know I'm not good at animating, but look at this, a post to my forum:

Nathan Rich 2 days ago
Flashtoo is one of the worst animators on the web and recently turned up on, the big boys play area. He needs some tips from the best..Flashtoo, here's your rules to flash.

1.Try to actually spend 12 seconds on a single frame.
2.Use more colour contrast.
3.Be more imaginative with animations coz ur fukcing unoriginal with sticks.
4. never animate ever again, you dutch plonker.

see ya, u fucking dick


That guy's sad.