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2008-02-03 14:33:37 by WhoknowsmeaUdiO

I know I'm not good at animating, but look at this, a post to my forum:

Nathan Rich 2 days ago
Flashtoo is one of the worst animators on the web and recently turned up on, the big boys play area. He needs some tips from the best..Flashtoo, here's your rules to flash.

1.Try to actually spend 12 seconds on a single frame.
2.Use more colour contrast.
3.Be more imaginative with animations coz ur fukcing unoriginal with sticks.
4. never animate ever again, you dutch plonker.

see ya, u fucking dick


That guy's sad.


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2008-02-03 14:58:44

:O report it?

WhoknowsmeaUdiO responds:

Can't :O


2008-02-03 15:27:18


(Updated ) WhoknowsmeaUdiO responds:

I'm serious.


2008-02-04 12:21:46

You would of thought that people like Nathan Rich have better things to do than insult people on
forums... maybe its just me :/

WhoknowsmeaUdiO responds:

Thank u.


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