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2008-08-10 12:24:43 by WhoknowsmeaUdiO

I am working on a few projects right now, and wanted to tell you about them.

First of all,

Mage RPG
(co-author Andy70707)
A game packed with adventure, action, and excitement.-------
Play as a simple farmer, who learns the arts of magic, and start a lonely journey to kill the evil king.
Level up, fight, upgrade, buy weapons and when you completed the game there will be an extra feature, more information on my website, Flashtoo soon.

I am also helping someone out
With his game. He has like 8000 frames, and i am not lieing. I'm helping him make 8000 to 80 frames.
And compress audio for him, and do another load of stuff.
Are you just like that guy? Need help? PM me, i'll never refuse to help!

The Ultimate Mouse-Avoider
You know them.
They creep the average NGer out, all the same, and all annoying, and most of all CHEATABLE.
My version will contain action, joy, challenging puzzles, and fun for the whole family!

I think this was my longest post EVER.


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2008-08-11 11:17:28

i lol'ed at "fun for the whole family"

WhoknowsmeaUdiO responds:

Yeah,it was supposed to let people LOL.


2008-08-12 10:54:36

no, your face was :P

WhoknowsmeaUdiO responds:

Hi to u 2!>:(



2008-08-14 02:00:06

I bet your 13, I know you are.

WhoknowsmeaUdiO responds:

I'm not.


2008-08-14 02:08:59

Oh and my reason for saying that is because you act like you know everything and yet half the time you don't.

WhoknowsmeaUdiO responds:

... I i don't want to act like i know everything.
At least I don't delete your comments.


2008-08-21 19:24:37

zrb is a meanyhead
lawlz lawlz

WhoknowsmeaUdiO responds:

No he isn't...


2008-11-19 15:36:25

Heeeeyy man!!! :D