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2008-02-01 16:24:35 by WhoknowsmeaUdiO





2008-01-09 02:42:15 by WhoknowsmeaUdiO

I now have a new pen tablet! I got it yesterday, for my birthday. It's a wacom Bamboo.
I'm very happy with it.
I also got some cool stuff, but those are private, except the mic. and the laptop.

But that collab of Helikopteret. Well, i don't think i'm gonna be on it much. I'm working on a project of a song, a dutch one, and with english subtitles. Hurray!

Some things

2008-01-07 12:04:59 by WhoknowsmeaUdiO

Well,my drawings look like crap, but that is gonna change.
I thougt about it this evening (i don't know how late it is in Newgrounds time, but i live in Holland +1), and decided to by a pen tablet. My work will hugely improve, what i'm gonna need, because i'm joining a collab i think Helikopteret started, 15 ways to die, and everyone inside it has to make 15 animations (not in total) wich include at least 1 way to die each.
I think i'm going to do something with a snail, and a line, and sum sticks, but i need that tablet!
If i don't have it a snail looks like a seagull, a square like a triangle, and a guy, half-human, like a iffy rat.
Have u ever seen an iffy rat?
Neither did i, neither did i.

Well, i just make sure i get that pen tablet and everything is alright, alright.


2007-11-28 08:20:44 by WhoknowsmeaUdiO

Hey, fellows!
I updated my site!
I have to admit i didnt actually update it lately, but now i am!
For more information, check out my site:Flashtoo, and then watch the "UD" section.
I am updating it once in 3 days, or every other update, and also when i just want to:).
Don't ask me about if anyone is reading this, or visiting my site, but just visit my site.